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🔵 Payment options:


Direct Deposit

Internet Transfer




🔵 PayPal

>> EMAIL<<    Name of painting.

PayPal forwards your name and postal.

Tracking number will be sent.

Click to Pay via PayPal

Click to Pay via PayPal


🔵 Direct Deposit

🔵 Internet Transfer

National Australia Bank
Account: Barrards Gallery
BSB:   084970
Acc Number:  045060154


🔵 Layby

Min 10% deposit.

>> EMAIL<<  For further details..  

Prices inc GST.  $AUD. 

Free Shipping Australia & USA


🔶UPDATES: 2019

Transitioning to:

16/18mm Sealed Panel Boards.

This applies to sizes less than 900*900mm.

Remaining Commissions greater than 600*600mm will be on canvas.



By Request

Some Commissioned & WIP will only

be displayed in the Private section.

Commissions are booked until mid 2019.



Max in one direction is temporarily 90cm

(Eg.. 90cm by 200cm is possible..)

Paintings of size are disassembled and cylindered for shipping purposes.

Paintings < 900mm*900mm are posted within Australia without disassembly

Paintings  600mm*600mm or less are posted to the US without disassembly.

Paintings <600mm*<600mm are also on 16mm panel board from 2019



I have clients searching for the following:

🔸Senator series .. urgent.

🔸Black Widow series .. urgent.

All series early 70's to mid 80's.

Canvas  sizes => 1000 *1200mm


🔸Black Widow(6)

Small series mid 80's.. Ply > 80cm

🔸The Wall(9)

🔸Night Shift (BW) (4)

Mid 90’s acrylic under glass.

🔸Drifter Series (BW only) (5)


A Series must be:

Num/Title on back within a red circle.

Some have additional sub titles.

Any condition.

Frames not needed.

Send photos for a quotation.

Large canvas will be cylindered for shipping to the US without frames.


Beachmere Sttudio last days 2016.


Still under construction


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